2018 Gala honoring Jack and Patti Grundhofer

The 2018 Waring International Piano Competition Lifetime Achievement Award

For some, a love of piano is intrinsic. For others, it is an interest turned to enthusiasm that is learned and grown and, for that, may be all the more intense. However the passion is sparked, it is a love meant to be shared. Sharing and passion are at the top of any list of descriptors for John F. (Jack) and Patricia Meier (Patti) Grundhofer and underscore and infuse the many reasons the Grundhofers are the 2018 recipients of The Waring International Piano Competition Lifetime Achievement Award. Jack’s and Patti’s lives are about achievement. Not only do they challenge themselves to achieve in any endeavor they pursue, but also they are champions for others to apply their potential and reach their goals. That is the spirit of The Waring’s mission and a fitting match for this award and this couple.

The Grundhofers’ commitment to excellence in The Coachella Valley is evident in Patti’s membership on the boards of directors for the Palm Springs Art Museum and The Living Desert. Outside the Valley, both are philanthropically active with Jack as executive director of the John F. Grundhofer Charitable Fund and Patti on the board of directors of the University of Minnesota Foundation. And those official titles and positions do not begin to include the many other civic and charitable organizations in which they are active as well as one-on- one ways they help others to do and be their best.

When Jack received the acclaimed Horatio Alger Award in 1997, he said, “There are no entitlements in life. You get rewarded for what you do.” Those words remain true today for both Jack and Patti and are at the core of their belief that to pursue achievement is a choice and to succeed is an honorable goal.

The Waring salutes Jack and Patti Grundhofer for a lifetime of encouraging others to explore, to learn and to muster the courage and the discipline to do one’s best. Thank you both for sharing what a generous heart and a helping hand can achieve.

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