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April 10 – 18, 2022

THIS APPLICATION FORM MAY BE SUBMITTED ELECTRONICALLY OR TYPED & MAILED. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST INCLUDE THE COVER PAGES WHICH ARE TO BE MAILED TO VWIPC, 73710 FRED WARING DR. # 201, PALM DESERT, CA 92260 USA BY Oct. 15 2021.  (Having trouble updating the info on the online application – will be updated soon, but don’t worry, deadline isn’t until 10-15-21!)

  • NOTE:  $36,000 in cash prizes
  • Eligibility is governed by age on the first day of competition. (ages 18 through 31)
  • Application supplemental materials must include a copy of a birth certificate or a passport. DO NOT send originals.
  • Application fee of US$200 must be received by the VWIPC in California before the application is complete.
  • Please see Rules and Regulations for required repertoire before filling out this application.
  • If a juror is the teacher of one of the contestants, he or she will not be able to participate in the Competition and will receive a full refund.

Please keep a copy of this application for your records.


  • All applicants must be prepared to compete in the solo category and may also choose to participate in the concerto category.
  • All concerto finalists will play a complete concerto with orchestra.