Rules & Regulations


(Formerly The Waring)

APRIL 11-21, 2025



 2025 JUNIOR COMPETITION (ages 13-17)





  1. The opening date for submission of applications is August 15, 2024. The closing date for all applications is November 15, 2024. All applicants will be notified of their admission to the competition no later than January 10, 2025.
  2. ALL application materials MUST be submitted electronically, including Pre-Screening video audition recordings, to the official PSIPC website portal at (link will be provided after August 15, 2024).  No DVDs or CDs will be permitted. Do not include your name on the uploaded video files to preserve anonymity.
  3. All applications must include a high-resolution color headshot and a copy of a valid passport (or other government issued proof of age).
  4. All applicants should retain a copy of their application materials and all accompanying documents. All applicants will receive email confirmation once their application is complete. PSIPC will only contact you prior to this if your application is missing required documentation or materials.
  5. A non-refundable application fee of US $130 must be received by all applicants. (Please see Cover Page for information regarding payment methods)
  6. Other Required Supporting Materials:
  • A maximum two paragraph biography of no more than 300 words (Biographies longer than 300 words will be reduced at the discretion of the Artistic Committee)
  • Teacher information and signature.
  • Parent or guardian information and signature.


  1. All applicants must submit their online audition recordings and application materials no later than November 15, 2024, via (link will be provided starting on August 15, 2024)
  2. The preliminary screening recordings must not exceed 20 minutes of total performance time (See Repertoire Requirements). Video recordings exceeding 20 minutes of performance time will be disqualified.
  3. Include a clear description of your entire program and order with all identifying information such as composer, title, movements, opus numbers, and exact timings (See application form)
  4. Applicants will be known to the preliminary screening judges by an assigned number only and judges will receive NO information about the applicants aside from an assigned number for all stages of the competition.
  5. If an applicant is a current or former primary student or relative of a screening or competition judge, the judge will not be permitted to vote and will be required to recuse themselves from all voting and viewing of materials for the duration of the competition. This excludes students who have participated in master classes or summer festivals with a competition judge.
  6. Following the preliminary screening, a maximum of 25 candidates will advance to Live Round 1. These candidates will be notified no later than January 10, 2025, of their participation via

Recording Instructions:

  • Video must be of high quality.
  • The video must clearly show the applicant’s hands while playing and the right side of their entire figure.
  • Each work must be uploaded in an individual file.
  • Each video must be recorded in a single, unedited take with one camera. No volume control is allowed.
  • Video should not include titles, fadeouts, or video transitions.
  • Video recording must be made within 6 months of submission.

NOTE: The Artistic Committee of Palm Springs International Piano Competition reserves the right to request an applicant to submit a new video in the event of poor technical quality.


  1.  Applicants must complete the Application Form and Cover Sheet. No repertoire changes or substitutions are permitted for the duration of the competition after January 10, 2025.
  2. All contestants will perform their chosen programs in their entirety from memory, up to the permitted time limit.
  3. All performances will be strictly timed by an official PSIPC monitor (time limits are for actual performance time and do not include breaks between pieces)
  4. Semi-Final Concerto Round will be with Second Piano Accompaniment. Contestants must perform with the provided official PSIPC accompanists and will be provided with one 45-minute rehearsal.
  5. All prizes will be awarded. Additional performance awards may be announced at the conclusion of the competition. Winners are expected to honor all commitments resulting from their prizes and awards.
  6. All decisions of the jury will be final. Written comments from the judges will be sent to all contestants’ teachers at the conclusion of the competition.
  7. All live rounds of the competition are open to the public.


Applications Open for Submission: August 15, 2024

Applications Close for Submission: November 15, 2024

Applicants Notified of Acceptance to Competition: No later than January 10, 2025

Live Solo Competition Rounds: April 11-19, 2025

Final Concerto Competition Round: April 21, 2025